Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Overdone would be a Better Excuse

**Cover your virgin eyes. Extremely mild swearing below**

It's past saving, you know.The pizza. What the hell were you thinking? You proportionally decrease the amount of everything - the flour, the oil, the baking powder - to make less dough. You decrease EVERYTHING except the bloody salt. And you know what makes it better? Not only did you forget to lessen the amount of salt, you bloody added more than what was needed in the first place!


Now you are waiting on the world's saltiest pizza to come out of the oven. I should give you a bloody medal. Congratulations! You have achieved a new level of stupid.

No worries though.

THEY will still eat it. Out of bloody pity, mind you. THEY will say it's fine, but you will see it - the grimace and the glint in their eyes that says, "I'm embarrassed for you."

Then we all die from hardened arteries.

Thanks so much.

Are you hard on yourself? I am.

It's strange how easily I can forgive the mistakes or clumsiness of others, but once I do some "wrong" the thought of it burns in my brain for hours - possibly days. What does this say about me?

Is there some deep need to be perfect in me? I don't think so. I half-ass many things. No, the lack of perfection is not what makes me cringe when I make mistakes.What's more plausible is not wanting to look incompetent in the eyes of others. Reliving mistakes in your mind is like watching a blooper reel - only  you are not laughing.

Damn you, Shyness. I want to be at peace with what I've done. Let me move on already!

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  1. Making mistakes is okay, it's just that I don't want people witnessing it. Haha (: