Friday, 25 January 2013

Super Smash Words

Have you ever tried throwing random food items that would seem complementary to each other in a blender in the hopes of producing something that tastes amazing? No? Well, I suppose 99% of the time you would end up with something akin to vomit, but where is your sense of adventure?

After hearing one of my lecturers use the word "guesstimate" and its various derivations about 20 times in a half hour which to me felt like two years, I started thinking about words. It seems as if compound words are not enough for us humans. We have to sew words together to make new ones in order to satisfy our inexplicable need to give everything its own identity.

Apparently, words created through the process of Frankenization are referred to as portmanteaus. I do not know why. The word "portmanteau" sounds too fancy for something as childish as smashing two words together. It sounds like the name of a wine. I do not know anything about wine.

Okay, I checked. The oh-so-reliable internet said the word was a term coined by Lewis Carroll. He wrote awesome things. Therefore, portmanteau is an awesome word.

Did you know the word "portmanteaus" is a compound word?

The definition of the word is a portman who drinks tea with us.

Okay, I admit it. I'm lying. Yet, you have to admit, you believed me there for a minute.

Smushed up words are made to describe something better. My favourite of these words is spork. You know. Spork. A spoon with fork like protrusions used to make the consumption of rice and meat easier? However, most of the sporks I've used were very much more spoon than fork, but that is fine. They are still adorable.

Some people just love to smash the names of people in a relationship together. Are they still referred to as Brangelina? I would say that celebrities are the ones most vulnerable to having their name pureed with another, but "silly" couple names are more popluar in the fanfiction world. Harry Potter's Drarry (Harry and Draco) and Naruto's SasuSaku (Sasuke and Sakura) come to mind immediately - not that I read fanfiction...

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