Sunday, 17 February 2013

Things to do on Family Day

Tomorrow is Family Day. It is a holiday and, boy, am I looking forward to sleeping in. I do not know the purpose of this holiday - I am too lazy to look it up - but using my super skills of deduction, I discern that Family Day is for the celebration of... cats.

What? You don't think so?

All holidays celebrate the greatness of cats. After all, they are the greatest beings in the universe. Well, they do come second to me. However, I am a satisfied super-being. I do not need days set aside for the peons to reflect upon my greatness. Cats do. I shall use a magical list to illustrate my point.

Giving thanks for cats
Giving gifts to cats

Entertaining cats by participating in a fatal hunt for eggs hidden by cats

St Patrick's Day
Kittehs chase dem snakes away, son

Triumph of cats over evil... to become the new Evil

See? Family Day is all about spending time with our cats. If you are really hell-bent on being a heretic and rather spend time with your family instead, then fine. Here are some things you could do:

5 things to do on Family Day

1. Go to the Toronto Zoo
What better way to spend a day with the family? When I was a kid, going to the zoo was the most fun thing my parents could have suggested as an outing. Both parents and kids would enjoy looking at animals and the different events the zoo has planned for the day.

2. Habourfront! Harbourfront! Harbourfront!
Toronto's Harbourfront, located at the Queen's Quay (Take a streetcar from either Union or Spadina station) has a ton of events for family day. The best part is that all of the events are free! From doggie events to skating, there isn't a shortage of fun to be had.

3. Watch a bunch of movies
If going outside is too much of a hassle, there's nothing wrong with staying home and getting comfy with snacks and some good family movies. I recommend The Exorcist.

4. Shopping
It is a holiday and most places will be closed. However, some big malls, like the Eaton Center, will still be open. Everyone loves spending money.

5. Just let everyone sleep in
During the week there is simply too much to do. If the kids are old enough to not want to be dragged into a family gathering, let everyone relax.

Well, I know I am spending the day drowning in assignments that I must complete for days in the coming week.


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