Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Summertime Disengagement


As the weather gets warmer, it seems pertinent to procure the necessities with which to make the next few months living as a shut-in more enjoyable. There is a rush to stock up on bags of chips, soup and hotdogs (don't forget the mustard, yo). Praise be given to whatever company decided to morph Hershey's chocolate bars into little bite sized... well, bites. Those things are ah-mazing.

Despite the fact that school let out approximately two weeks ago, I have only just begun to settle into a that perfect rhythm of eating, sleeping, slouching on the sofa staring off into nothing contemplating the rumble in my stomach prompting me to eat thus restarting the cycle.


Two weeks ago, I had goals. The fact that the goals were never more than sleeping through the day means nothing. It is having goals and achieving them that counts. Actually... If you look at it closely and from a different angle also from atop an extremely tall building, you can see that my goals have not changed much.

I seem to have built a consistency worthy of all those chickens that continue to cross roads.

The world may never know why the chickens and I do what we do nor will the world ever consider our goals worthy of pursuit. However, our determination to stick with doing what we do MUST be admired. It should be admired. Well, at least a little bit, you admiration stingy people.

Yeah. I should get a job.

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